Welcome to the Williamsburg Community Growers blog. We are a group of gardening enthusiasts who like growing our own food! Our garden is located on an easement provided by Virginia Power between Warhill High School and WISC (see left). In addition to a community garden we intend to create demonstration plots of a variety of fruits and vegetables, and serve as a resource on gardening, composting, soil treatment, and other agricultural issues for the greater Williamsburg community. Our thanks to the Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District and Virginia Dominion Power for their ongoing support.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I see a lot of red-tailed and broad-wing hawks, and the occasional osprey; but this guy--a little more rare of a sight, was keeping an eye on the place the other day. (Photo: Hugh Burns, Canon EOS 300mm, f 4.0)

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